perfect weather can’t get no better [listen]
an edgier kpop mix for mysterious girls with dark lipstick and a darker attitude

01. 보름달 - sun mi
02. hate you - ladies’ code
03. 마녀 마쉬 - puer kim
04. 진실 혹은 대담 - ga in
05. good boy - baek ji young
06. 소녀 곡예사 - lim kim
07. 을의 연애 - iu
08. poison - secret
09. kill bill - brown eyed girls
10. touch - miss a
11. bad girls - lee hyo ri
12. 삐리빠빠 - narsha
13. v - lee jung hyun
14. midnight circus - sunny hill
15. 입술이 정말 - kim so ri

kpop halloween playlist for the upcoming holiday! this features songs that have the scary, creepy, and lingering feelings of halloween based on the lyrics, overall melody, and music video (if there is one). the playlist can be found here with two other additional songs not in the picture above because i didn’t have them on my itunes.

A mix of some of my favorite tracks from yg duos
or collabs that deserve their own subunits


THE BREAKUP MIX; listen here

a playlist to help you get through a broken heart (the songs are in the order of the stages of a break-up for your convenience) 


cherry blossoms and coffee shop; jungkookie
Description: take a time to rest and imagine yourself at a coffee shop in london with that special person you love. hope you enjoy it (◡‿◡✿)
[Listen Here]

01. Where are you? What are you doing? - B.A.P | 02. Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms - HIGH4 & IU | 03. Goodbye Summer - f(x) (ft. D.O of EXO) | 04. Eyes, Nose, Lips (Taeyang Cove) Akdong Musician | 05. Beautiful - BTS | 06. Coffee Shop - B.A.P | 07. Fight The Bad Feeling - TMax | 08. Evening Sky - Ailee | 09. Step by Step - ZE:A | 10. Someday - IU | 11. Missing You - 2NE1 | 12. I Like It - BTS


shinsadong (listen here) a chanyeol/kyungsoo fanmix

01 new year’s eve (skit), palo alto & evo 02 johnny (자니) (ft. dynamic duo), primary 03 잔돈은 됐어요 (keep the change) (ft. gary, bumkey), dynamic duo 04 think about you (ft. 범키, 예은 Of 원더걸스, 쇼리j of 마이티마우스), rhythmking 05 take it off (ft. rico), vida loca 06 파고들기, 올티 07 too late (ft. bumkey & paloalto), 2lson 08 배가 불렀지 (ft. gaeko of dynamic duo), supreme team 09 나가면 고생이야 (come to my crib) (ft. beenzino), k.will 10 커피를 마시고 remix, geeks 11 coffee shop, b.a.p 12 그래도 나는, 양요섭 13 전화 받지 마, geeks 14 i’m ok (생각보다), crucial star 15 운명, leessang 16 죽일 놈 (guilty), dynamic duo 17 one life 2 live, crucial star 18 insomnia (ft. 구현), sleeq


어린 시절 ( listen )

songs frm my childhood

maria - 김아중 | 풍선 - 동방신기 | 아이스크림 - mc몽 | 비행기 - 거북이 | 캔디 - h.o.t 촛불 하나 - g.o.d | 오리 날다 - 체리필터 | 낭만 고양이 - 체리필터 | 주문 - 동방신기 | love love love - epik high | 비밀번호 486 - 윤하 | beautiful girl - 김아중 | mister - 카라 맘에들면 - 카라 | hug - 동방신기 | i think i - 별 | 사랑인가요 - 하울&J | 바람만 바람만 - 김종국 & SG 워너비 | 사랑앓이 - F.T. Island | 별 - 김아중 | 눈의 꽃 - 박효신 | 사랑 안해 - 백지영 | 내게 오는 길 - 성시경 | 알고있나요 - someday | 네모의 꿈 - 화이트 | 비행소녀 - 마골피 내 여자라니까 - 이승기 | 응급실 - izi | 사랑해도 될까요 - 유리상자 | 믿어요 - 동방신기 | 마법의 성 - melody day


The sun is beating down on your face and the gentle warm breeze is ghosting past your skin — Summer is here! And what better way to spend it than to listen to a playlist like this — combined with the perfect melodies to get you into the ‘summer feel’, this playlist will be your life saver for those long trips to the beach, or simply a nice walk in the park. The songs vary from upbeat, energetic dance tracks to gentle strums of guitar and a soothing voice reminiscing about their summer love.

Sit back, feel the warmth of the sun on your face, and listen.

music has no language barriers: a collection of korean pop female idols covering english songs by seunghyonq on the behalf of femaleidols (vocals only & performances)


Once Upon a Time; A mix to slip away from reality and allow a dosage of fantasy and fiction. Sit back, open your book, and lose yourself into another realm.